For the benefit of Signior Cooke

The last Week of performing in Town:
for the benefit of Signior COOKE:

At the Theatre on Monday Evening Signior Cooke will dance on the Tight ROPE with two Boys tied to his Feet:—To which will be added by Desire the Opera of

And a new dance called
The COBLER and his Wife,
Or the Frenchman and Miller in LOVE
In which will be introduced a Mock-Minuet.
Mr. COOKE will toss the STRAW in such a manner as none ever arrived at yet.
Tumbling and Dancing between the Acs.
Mr. LAWRENCE will perform
On the WIRE
The whole to conclude with a Grand Pantomime called Harlequin’s Invasion,
Or the Burgo-Master Tricked.

To being at 7 o’Clock.