for robbing the Chester fly

Last week the wife of one Brown, a wheel-wright, at Houghton in this County, was delivered of 3 fine boys.
++We hear from Nottingham, that at the assizes held for that county on Monday last, before the Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice Camden and Mr. Baron Adams, William Wainer and James, alias George Brumage (who were removed from Coventry gaol last Thursday, where they had been committed by Mr. Alderman Hewitt, for robbing the Chester fly, near that city) were tried and found guilty of stopping and robbing one John Harle, servant to Mr. Trotter, Register at Durham, on the forest of Sherwood, about four miles from Nottingham, the 26th of May last, of thirty-three shillings in gold and silver, and a tobacco pouch of seal skin. The evidence against them both was very full and clear, and corroborated by several witnesses: And they accordingly received sentences of death, (along with an ancient man convicted of horse-stealing, whom the Jury recommended to mercy) in a pathetic speech from Lord Camden, in which he told them he would recommend the horse-stealer to his majesty for mercy; but as to the other two, he was afraid there was not the least room for it, and therefore advised them to make the best use of the short time they had to live in this world, and then pronounced the awful sentence. — The horse-stealer is since reprieved; and ’tis said that Wainer and Brumage will be executed on Wednesday the 30th instant. — Since their condemnation, their behaviour has been suitable to persons in their unhappy circumstances. — Wainer having declared himself a catholic, is attended in gaol by a Priest of that persuasion, and Brumage attends Divine Service at S. Mary’s church.
++The above two convicts Wayner and Bromwich, have committed divers robberies in the counties of Leicester, Nottingham and Warwick, in company with an accomplice in Coventry gaol. On Monday the first of May, they stopped and robbed the Chester fly on Kingston hill 5 miles from Coventry. On the 13th, 14th and 15th, they again stopped and robbed the same machine within one mile of Coventry, and four other machines. Finding themselves suspected they separated, and Wayner and Bromwich came for Leicester. On Saturday the 24th they robbed the Manchester and Derby machine within one mile of Leicester. The same night they robbed a post-chaise betwixt Nottingham and Loughbro’. On Monday they robbed Mr. Trotter’s servant on the forest of Sherwood, for which they are now convicted. On Friday the 30th they returned to Coventry but left the city the same night; and was taken in bed at a public house of the Birmingham and Coleshill road.
++At the assizes held for this town, a young girl was tried for stealing some wearing apparel out of St. Peter’s workhouse; and as she was of a bad character, nor any friends to take care of her, she was ordered for transportation.