for putting an article in a public paper

We hear that a gentlemen of distinction in this county, has lately discharged his Organist, for putting an article in a public paper attempting to ridicule a ball, which was made in the Crown Inn in Mountsorrell, by a gentleman of that neighbourhood, to which his master had handsomely subscribed; this example it is hoped will deter other Servants from such audacious behaviour.
++Last week was committed to out county gaol by the Rev. Mr. Coulton, one of his Majesty’s Justices for this county, Wm. Frisby of Twiford charged with breaking into the house of John Conduit, of Twiford aforesaid, and robbing the same of goods to a considerable amount.
++From Kegworth in this county we are assured that a subscription has been set on foot in that town amongst the farmers &c. who have agreed to mix a quantity of wheat and barley equally which they sell to all the poor people at 3s. per strike.