Extract of a letter from Leicester

From the St. James’s Evening Post
Extract of a letter from Leicester, Jan. 12.

++“I now have the pleasure to inform you, that our new Cock-pit at Ascough’s is nearly finished. You will remember in my last I told you, I was doubtful if we should be able to get it done against the intended match, as no bricks could be got, owing to the rains last summer; but a true friend to the cause, by a sagacity peculiar to himself, hit upon a scheme which got the better of scarcity, by taking down a superfluous part of our old Church in the North-East part of the town, which has supplied us with bricks enough to do the whole business. There are those , whose antiquated notions have led them to object to our proceedings, and tell us the action borders on what they call Sacrilege, and that we have converted the House of Prayer into a Den of Thieves; Let them snarl, we have the majority on our side. You will soon see in the News-papers, we intend fighting the three neighbouring Counties. When the Feeders have had their private meetings, and fixed which Cocks on each side shall win, you shall hear from me; and I would have you come down a day before the meeting, as betts from you will be sooner received than from one who is too well known. You will excuse my saying more at this time—up late last night at the Whist-table. You have your White’s and your Arthur’s, and we have our Ascough’s and P___no’s. If we do not deal for Thousands, we ape you as near as our fortunes will admit, and “risk all in a single stake.”