Extract of a letter from Derby

Extract of a letter from Derby, dated Oct.9

This morning a party of our light horse (about 15) set out for Cavendish-bridge, attended by Justice Thornhill of Derby, and Dr. Taylor of Ashburn; on their arrival at Shardlow, they were informed that a number of rioters were then at a warehouse (late Mr. Drake’s) into which they had got entrance, but on the soldiers approach soon surrendered, and 34 of them have been brought in a carriage pinioned to our gaol: which has greatly exasperated our mob, who insulted the Magistrates, till they were obliged to read the Riot Act; and the soldiers are now driving, with sword in hand, all such as have not dispersed: The officer who commanded ’em, I am informed, has been terribly wounded, by stones &c. thrown at him, and some of the soldiers, two of which are at my door, bleed shockingly. — I have just been out, and find very few remaining, but am afraid we shall have a very dreadful night.
++Yesterday a body of the rioters attacked a boat on the Darwent, from which they took cheese to the amount of about 300l. and were then in pursuit of another equally valuable. It would be impossible to keep the mob in any bounds, but from the fear they shew to the military power. We expect more light horse soon which will give us some consolation, being now in the greatest apprehension, what may be the consequence of this dreadful disorder. — Past 8 o’clock all dispersed and at present quiet; Pray God to continue it.