Escaped out of the County Gaol


Out of the County Goal in Leicester, on Tuesday the 10th inst. by means of a false Key that had been conveyed to them, the following felons: viz.

Aged about 32 Years, born and lived at Burton on the Woulds in the County of Leicester, by occupation a Ragman, about 5 feet 9 inches high, swarthy Complexion, his left Hand and Arm remarkably withered and very small, he had a shot through one of his Thighs and goes limping, had on his own Hair and was Iron’d when he made his escape, had been Transported and was committed for returning before the expiration of his crime.

Under sentence of Death for Sheep-stealing, but reprieved, is a Wool-comber, lived at Rothley in the said County of Leicester, about 22 Years of age, 5 feet 9 Inches high, fresh Complexion, inclining to Carbuncles, his own brown Hair, brown Coat, red Waistcoat and a plaid Waistcoat, white drill Breeches, and likewise had his Irons on.

Under sentence of Death for Sheep-stealing but reprieved, is a Wool-comber, lived at Rothley aforesaid, is about 26 Years of age, 5 feet 4 Inches high, roundish Face, pitted with the Small-pox, had 2 Coats on, one a light-grey cloth, the other a drab Fustian, also his Irons on when he made his escape.

Whoever can secure any of the above Felons, shall receive Five Guineas for each of them, from me
++++Keeper of the above Gaol.
N.B. After a Person has been Transported to some of his Majesty’s Colonies or Plantations in America, and seen at large in Great-Britain before his time is expired, Stat. 16. Geo. II. Chap. 15, allows 20 l. for apprehending him, &c.