Dr. Flugger’s Lignorum Antiscorbutic Drops

Dr. FLUGGER’s LIGNORUM ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, will perfectly cure the most inveterate Scurvy, Leprosy, Pimpled Faces of ever so long standing, so as never to return again; likewise the Evil, Fistulas, Piles, old obstinate Sores or Ulcers, and long continued inflammation of the Eyes, and every other disorder arising from a foulness in the Blood, by purifying the Blood, prevent malignant humours of every kind, surprisingly strengthen the Stomach, create a good Appetite, and by causing an easy and regular digestion, prevent wind from accumulating in the first Passages, and cause of Head-Ache, and other indispositions incident to the fair sex. I can with strictest truth recommend it as a great and singular medicine in all chronical disorders, and has so generally recommended itself to the respectable Public, that every one may be informed of the number of Persons cured by this Medicine, and that it is not an imposition.
++These Drops are Sold (by Appointment of Mr. Flugger) by Mr. Gregory in Leicester.