diverse travelling Jews

Whereas I have been informed that diverse travelling Jews go about in the neighbouring Towns in this County under pretence of having connexions with me or being my Servants &c. This is to acquaint all Ladies, Gentlemen and others my customers that I have no connexions whatever either as partner or with Servants, and which I think necessary to make Public to prevent their being imposed upon.
[near the Cank-Pump, at the top of the Market-place, Leicester]
++N.B. Ladies, Gentlemen, &c. may be supplied at the Shop of the above Samuel Levi with all kinds of Silver-Plate, as Tankards, Cups, Pints, half Pints, &c., Necklaces, Ear-rings, Watches from 2 Guineas to 20 Guineas each, Buckles, Buttons, &c. having just laid in a large and fashionable stock of the above Goods.
++He gives the utmost Value for old Gold or Silver. Will wait on Ladies or Gentlemen &c. at their Houses, and as he shall always make it a Rule to use every body upon the fairest Terms, he humbly hopes for encouragement.