died, after a tedious indisposition

Last monday died here, after a tedious indisposition, which he bore with great patience and resignation, Mr. William Birstall, and eminent Silversmith and Cutler, also an Alderman of this Corporation; he has left behind the character of an honest, industrious, pains-taking man, and had acquired a plentiful fortune, the bulk of which he has bequeathed to his wife.
++The Four hundred Pounds, advertised in our last to be lost, was found by a servant lad, of Newtown Linford in the County, in a place called Long-lane; who on saturday took it to Mr. King of Cole-Orton, and received the reward of £50 for his honesty.
++On monday, Henry Topps, a woolcomber, and Robert Clark, a framework-knitter, being upon their holiday diversions, at what they call long-bullets, in Nottingham park; Topps a player, and Clark a bye stander, and interfering, a quarrel ensued, and Topps struck Clark two blows, which Clark resenting, in his own defence gave Topps a fatal blow under his left ear, which proved his immediate death. The Coroner’s inquest brought it in Manslaughter. Clark is committed to gaol, to take his trial at the next assize.
++On thursday died suddenly at Nottingham, John Haywood, barber, leaving a disconsolate wife and several children.