died, advanced in years, John Holmes, gent.

On Monday night last, Monsieur Gerri, exhibited his curious Fire-Works in out Market-Place, to the great surprize and satisfaction of an infinite number of people. And we hear that on Tuesday night next, he purposes to entertain the Public with a second (and still more curious) Performance.
++At the Assizes for this Borough and County which commence on the 13th of march next, the following Prisoners are to take their Trials: viz. James Earl, charged with robbing James Booth on the King’s highway, and taking from him about two guineas. The said James Earl is also detained by the name of Earl otherwise eagle, and charged with robbing John Argill on the King’s highway, and taking from the said Argill a homespun coat, his property. And by another detainer, the said earl is charged on a violent suspicion of stopping upon the King’s highway, Rebecca Wattmore and robbing her of two gold rings, a silver seal and about 12s. or 14s, in money.—Margaret Burgess, otherwise Birch, charged with robbing the house of James Coulton, innkeeper of Derby, of a Pewter Plate, his property.—Sarah Rossel otherwise Lewit, charged with feloniously entering the shop of Thomas Flavel of Loughborough, and robbing the said shop of several shillings in silver, the property of the said Thomas Flavel.—Samuel Beck, charged with a rape upon the body of Mary Payne, and likewise for robbing the said Mary Payne of one shilling in silver and three half-pence, her property.—Rebecca Bown, charged with stealing a tea-kettle the property of William Arnold.—Ann Gotobed, charged with picking the pocket of Jeremiah Hughes.
++On Sunday died at his house in this town, Mr. Aaron Warren, Joiner and Cabinet-Maker.
++And on the same night died, advanced in years, at his house in this town, John Holmes, gent.—He was formerly a Woolstapler at Market Harbro’ in this county, from which Business he some years ago retired, having acquired a very considerable property, the principal part of which he has bequeathed to his Wife, his Son and Daughter, with all of whom he had lived at great variance till lately; but was happily reconciled before his death, and induced to alter his will in their favour.—We are informed he has left his son 7000l. with a genteel income to his wife, and a handsome fortune for his daughter (lately married).—By his death the interest of 1275l. (the principle of which he gave away in his life time, to this Corporation in Trust) comes to the Poor of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity in this Town.
++On Monday died Mr. John Garland, Painter.
++On Thursday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the body of ____ Withers, a poor Woman who dies on Wednesday in Belgrave-gate in this Borough, and whose death was occasioned by taking a quantity of Arsenic. The Jury brought in their virdict Lunacy.