Cure for the bite of a Mad Dog

For the Printer of the Leicester and Nottingham Journal.

As there has been a Mad Dog in several Neighbouring Villages, and bit several People, and abundance of Cattle and Dogs, so that it may produce dreadful Consequences, I beg you will insert the following Receipt in your next Paper, (which may be depended upon to be the same used for many Years by William Harlstaff, and which has cured Hundreds) that all Persons may have it if need requires. And you will oblige,
++Your humble Servant,
+++++++Coleorton, Jan 10, 1770.


Tops of Rue, 6 Ounces; Filings of Pewter, Treacle and Garlic, of each 4 Ounces; clear Ale a Quart: Digest, or let stand warm awhile, then strain it. A dose for a Man is 6 Spoonfulls twice a Day, for 9 Days together; it may be necessary to let Blood at 9 Days end.
++William Harlstaff used to give the Medicines 3 Days and bleed the fourth.