committed to the county gaol

Last week was committed to the county gaol, by the Right Hon. Lord Wentworth, Thomas Cheshire of Earl Shilton, charged with being assembled in a riotous and tumultuous manner, together with a great many others not taken, on Friday the 19th of September, in Earl Shilton aforesaid, when two waggon loads of cheese the property of Mr. Alcock were taken away.
++Hannah Sutton, widow, committed some time ago for a riot, has been sworn to, by Robert Longman, carrier, and charged with being the person actually upon his waggon, and taking away a considerable quantity of cheese, the property of the said Longman; now stands committed for felony.
++On Monday last a person was committed to the gaol of this borough, by John Fisher, Esq. Mayor, charged with stealing a silver pint mug, the property of John Hunt, which he has confessed.
++The same day John Bland was committed to the gaol of this borough, charged with taking a sheep, the property of Arthur Hesilrige Esq.
++Nathaniel Hunt, John Gilbert and John Hilliard, have likewise been committed to the same gaol, by the above Magistrate, charged on the oath of Ezekial Cox, an accomplice, with assaulting and breaking the door of the gaol of the said borough, in the night of the 1st of October last, with intent to rescue several prisoners therein confined.
++Hilliard comes from Bedford, is by trade a hatter, has been remarkably active in the late riots. He was at the repeated assaults of the warehouse at Cavendish-bridge (as mentioned in this paper of the 4th of October) where he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his bravery, and led on the mob to every attempt that was made on that warehouse, was dangerously wounded there in several parts of his body, and has received one shot in his face. He lay ill of his wounds for some time at Sheepshead, from whence he moved to Kettering in Northamptonshire, where he was last week apprehended.
++On Sunday night an Incendiary letter threatening to burn the houses of the Mayor of this borough and Mr. Alderman Chambers, was dropped in the street near Mr. Chambers’ door; Fifty Pounds reward has been offered by the Corporation for discovering the author.