Caution to Youth


Bethink ye heedless Youths in Time
++The pleasant Hour enjoy,
Nor idly sportive waste your Prime
++In joys that quickly cloy.

Let Beauty’s vain Allurements cease,
++Your fluttering Hearts to snare;
Her lawless sweets awhile may please,
++But end in Grief and Care.

Nor let the jovial Charms of Wine
++Your blinded Souls entrance,
Or to the revel Rout incline
++Of Song and tipsy Dance.

Let Virtue’s footsteps guide your way
++And where she leads pursue,
Nor ever from her Precepts stray,
++But keep them still in view.

Of her possessed, in her you’ll find
++Delights of truer taste;
Content of Heart with Peace of Mind
++And joys that ever last.

++Yours &c.