at the Quarter-Sessions

Last Monday, being the general quarter-sessions of the peace, for this borough, three persons were convicted of keeping disorderly houses, and ordered to stand in the pillory, one hour each, which sentence will this day be executed.
++And Tuesday being the general quarter-sessions for the county of Leicester, two of the persons concerned in Ducking for Witches, all the poor old women in Glen and Burton Overy (see this paper of the 14th of June last) were ordered to stand in the pillory, twice, for one hour each, on two market days, and to lie in gaol for one month.—The constable of Burton, (who was present during this riot, and who it seems was too much diverted at the Sight to be attentive to his Duty) was ordered by the court into custody, and sent to gaol for one night, but upon his being brought to court the following day, and assuring them that he did not know what was properly his duty, that his coming there was accidental, and being without his Staff, he supposed himself to have no Authority, they thought proper to discharge him, but not without a severe reprimand which ’tis generally believed, will for the future, a good deal influence his belief touching the existence of these diabolical Beings. Another man who appeared as an evidence in behalf of one of the prisoners, was taken up in court and sent to gaol.