At the Hat & Beaver

At the Hat & Beaver in the Market-Place

Begs leave to inform the Public, that he intends to continue the Business of Hatting, in all its Branches; and has now laid in a new and neat Assortment of Mens and Boys Fine and Felt Hats; Ladies riding Hats, Feathers for do. Gold, Silver and all Sorts of Trimmings for Mens and Womens Hats. Also is now Selling by Messrs. Cart and Co. all Sorts of Mercery, Linen-Drapery. Haberdashery and Millinery Goods. — The above Goods are just come from London, and are entirely new, and of the neatest Patterns.
++Ladies and Gentlemen, who please to favour them with their Custom, may depend upon being served on the most reasonable Terms.