At the Assizes for this borough and county

At the Assizes for this borough and county, which begin on Friday the 6th of April, the following prisoners are to take their trials.
++_____ Smith, a woman in man’s apparel, charged with a highway robbery. James Fletcher, charged with manslaughter (upon bail). William Barrass, for attempting a rape. Anthony Lee, on suspicion of breaking open a box and stealing thereout one guinea. Thomas Reeve, charged with stealing a box, and breaking open the same out of which he took 5 guineas. Joseph Blower, charged with burglary and felony, in breaking open and robbing a dwelling house at Narbro’. James Taylor, charged with breaking open a dwelling house, and stealing goods thereout. Thomas Treece, charged with stealing a quantity of malt. William and James Barber, charged with receiving the same. Sarah Parker, charged with receiving stolen goods knowing them to be stolen. John Elvaston, charged with stealing a brass valve from a Fire Engine. Sarah Storer, charged with stealing some tammy stuff.
++On Wednesday night last, about eight o’clock, a highway robbery was committed between Loughbro’ and Quarndon in this county, by a single highwayman, who robbed a farmer returning from Loughbro’ Fair, of 10 guineas, and rode off.
++Several literary favours shall be taken notice of as soon as convenient.