At the assizes for the borough and county

On tuesday last the assizes ended for the borough and county, when four persons received sentence of death, viz. Richard White and Thomas Frost, for breaking open the dwelling house of Mr. Hastings at Ogasthorpe in this county, and stealing thereout a silver salver, a silver cup and cover, a silver cup without a cover, being communion plate belonging to Ogasthorpe, likewise a silver watch and some wearing apparel.–William Newton for stealing a mare, the property Thomas Musson of Long-Claxton in Leicestershire,–And William Grice for robbing Richard Ludlum (a boy about 12 years old) on the King’s highway, and taking from him a watch, half a guinea in gold, &c.–The judge was pleased to reprieve the three first, and order Grice for execution, it appearing to his lordship that he intended to have murdered the boy, the better to conceal the robbery. — Grice, the unhappy convict, had formerly been a soldier, in the same Regiment as Ludlum the prosecutor’s uncle, who in consideration of his former acquaintance, had recommended him to work with Ludlum’s father at Countesthorp; Ludlum having occasion to send his son to Leicester for some things he wanted, and also to have his watch cleaned, he directed him whither to go and gave him money to pay for the things &c., in the presence of Grice, who soon after he was gone followed him, and overtook him about a mile on the road, insisting upon the money and the watch, which the lad refusing to deliver, he knocked him down and beat him very much, notwithstanding which the boy got up again, but still persisting in refusing to deliver up the cash &c., declaring he would sooner die, Grice gave him another violent blow, which totally deprived him of his senses and left him for dead, he then rifled his pockets and made off. After lying some time on the ground the boy came to himself and made a shift to crawl home, but almost insensible; the father finding he had been robbed and very much abused, and Grice being absent, he followed him to Leicester, where he was taken and confessed the fact. — He will be executed on Saturday next.
++At the same assize, Thomas Horner, who was under sentence of death, but escaped from our county gaol by means of a false key the 30th of May 1763 (in company with Irish and Jeffries, not yet taken) was ordered to be transported for 14 years. Robinson Holmes, condemned at our last assize, was ordered to be transported for 14 years. Philip Birstall for stealing some worsted &c., and John Copeland for stealing two pairs of sheets and a shirt, was ordered to be transported for 7 years. Catherine Philips for stealing a piece of undressed gauze out of the shop of Mr. Weightman, and John Hervey for stealing 3 strikes of malt the property of Mr. Needham, were ordered to be branded. William Boss discharged.