At the Assize for this Borough and County

At the Assize for this Borough and County which ended yesterday, John Green and John Wilton condemned at the last Assize but reprieved, were ordered to be transported for 14 years.
++John Hipkins, convicted of a felony, transported for 14 years. Thomas Abell, Thomas Flude, and William Smith (the Sheep-Clipper) transported for 7 years. James Allen for stealing a silver Cup, transported for 7 years. Darby Nally, likewise convicted of being concerned in stealing the said Cup, was ordered to be transported, but on account of some favourable circumstances, and at the intercession of the High Sheriff, who undertook to employ him, he was branded. — Margaret Iliff, branded. James Cash and Jonathan Kendall delivered by Proclamation, Thomas Bunney, James Gilbert, Francis Hart, and William Hart — Not Guilty.
++At the Town Hall, William Jeram, ordered to be privately whipt. John Willson, delivered by Proclamation.