At our assizes

At our assizes which ended on Tuesday last, William Rushton was tried for assaulting, abusing and ravishing Sarah Ragg of Ashby-de-la-zouch; but there not appearing sufficient evidence, his lordship directed the jury to acquit him of the rape, and find him guilty of the assault, which they did accordingly. He was sentenced to be publickly whipt three times, to lie in gaol one whole year, and find sureties for his good behaviour for seven years to come. Mary Sharpe for robbing Ann Morris of Great Dalby was ordered to be transported for 7 years. John Smith and William Smith, Not guilty. Thomas Horner, for stealing a shirt the property of John Stables, ordered to be whipt.
++On tuesday last were apprehended and brought before the Mayor and Recorder of this borough, William Willson and Thomas Stoaks, charged with defrauding the landlord of a public house in this town of his reckoning, and being likewise very abusive. From their examination they appear to be idle dissolute fellows, and reason to apprehend they have been guilty of other crimes. — They both acknowledge themselves to be deserters from the foot guards, and say they left their regiment the 11th of this instant July, that they came by St. Alban’s, Bedford, and Uppingham to Leicester; that they went from hence to Loughbro’ but seeing some dragoons they changed their rout for Ashby, and on Monday last returned by Raunston, and from thence to Bosworth, for Leicester; Willson says he was bred a shoe-maker and that his father lives at Brickstock in Northamptonshire. They are both tall straight young fellows, their hair tied; Stoaks has on an old light drab great coat, and Willson a shabby light drab strait coat.