as well proportioned a cow as any in England

On Wednesday was married at Billsdon in this county, the Rev. Mr. Newton of this place, to Miss March, of Billsdon aforesaid.
++Last week was married at Blaby in this county, Mr. Major of Market-Harborough, to Miss French of the same place.
++We hear from Appleby, in this county, that Joseph Sallington, Butcher of that place, killed a cow there the 29th of May last, which he purchased of Robert Lea of Linton, and weighed 79 stone and 10 pounds. She had a cake of fat, 12 st. 2 lb. and was allowed by all who saw her to be as well proportioned a cow as any in England.

* The letter from T.P. came safe to hand, but being personal cannot have a place.