as some workmen were at work in sinking a cellar

On thursday morning last about 8 o’clock, as some workmen were at work in sinking a cellar under a stack of chimnies, in an empty house in Belgrave-gate in this town, the weight of the chimnies forced in the roof, together with the whole fabrick; the owner of the house with some workmen were in the cellar, who hearing the roof crack, the windows shiver, and perceiving the floor above give way, had just time to get out and save their lives. The houses on each side received considerable damage. A hatter who lived on the one hand had an entire floor brought to the ground, and all his furniture buried in the ruins; on the other side was a Boarding School for young ladies, of which part of the roof of a garret, and the end wall of the dining room were tore down. The ladies were happily gone into the garden when the accident happened. We have the satisfaction of adding to this account that no persons life has been lost, nor any one maimed. And that the parents of the young ladies who are at the School, may not be alarmed, we can with certainty inform them, from the authority of experienced workmen, that the School-house has been thoroughly examined, and is found quite firm and free from danger.