an unfortunate and melancholy accident

On sunday last was committed to our county gaol, by the Rev. Mr. Couton, (one of his Majesty’s justices of the peace for this county) John Copeland, charged with stealing a pair of sheets from Mr. Horner of Great Wigstan, and a shirt from John Van of Wigstan.
++We hear from Southwingfield, in the county of Derby, that on wednesday last, being the 6th instant, an unfortunate and melancholy accident happened there, at a place called the Wire mills, a public house in that parish, where a great number of people were assembled at Cocking. The pit where the Cocks fought was a large old room hanging over the old mill race, and the river Amber at this time considerably flooded; the room being over crouded with people, and some of ’em too much elated at having won a battle, by jumping upon the tracings, they gave way, and the whole company, Cocks and all, sunk into the river; the confusion occasioned by this catastrophe is not to be expressed; a great many however saved their lives by swimming, others kept up by their cloaths supported themselves till assistance could be got; one Franks a butcher of Belport has been found drowned, and as many more are still missing, ’tis feared they have shared the same fate.