An Hint


As there are innumerable Taxes, heavy and grievous to be borne, imposed upon the most Industrious and Useful part of his Majesty’s Subjects, I cannot help being of Opinion (odd as it may look) that our Legislature, may in some measure alleviate the Burthen, by laying a proper duty upon all Fighting Cocks, and Running-Horses: Let the Government (if they please) take an half of all the Winnings to themselves, even from a single Shilling in a Cock-pit, to the greatest Match upon the Turf! Let them also (instead of giving a Bounty for the Exportation of Grain) take six-pence in the Bushel from every Farmer for all the Corn he shall sell abroad; and by that means reduce the price of bread; Let also the Manufacturer have that open Day-light which God Almighty send him to get his Bread by, at somewhat a cheaper Rate than what he now pays for it; and, to make up that deficiency, let there be a Tax on all Bachelors from thirty years of age and upwards proportionable to their annual income &c.