an extraordinary affair

On monday last a woman at Ashby-de-la-zouch, in this county, through a mistake, gave her child some oil of Vitriol instead of Godfrey’s Cordial. The child we hear is since dead.
++Last week as one _____ Hardick was bathing in a river near Bringhurst in this county, he unfortunately ventured out of his depth and was drowned. The Coroner’s inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++On Sunday last, as John Liquorish, of Thurlson, was returning home from Huncoate to Thurlson, he accidentally fell from off a little bridge which goes across the brook betwixt Huncoate and Thurlson, and was drowned. He had been drinking at Huncoate and was very much in liquor when he set off for home. The Coroner’s inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++The following extraordinary affair happened at the house of Mr. Reid, Linen-Draper, at the upper end of the Market-place in Leicester: On Sunday morning last, while Mrs. Reid and the family were at the meeting, a man genteelly drest knocked at the back door, which opens in two halfs; the maid opened the upper door, and the man enquired for her master or mistress, and was told they were not at home, but would be in a short time; upon which he turned away and spoke to another man who stood at a little distance, the maid still looking after him, and then returned again and thrust the bottom door open and went directly into the kitchen, and as he passed by her she noticed a brace of pistols in his pocket, which alarmed her very much, and when she came into the kitchen with him, he asked for some small beer, which she accordingly fetched, he drank a little and said he did not like it, he would have some ale; she told him they had none in the cellar at that time, he then bid her give him a glass of wine, but she told him she could not get at any, he then asked her to fetch him a pint, and held out a shilling for that purpose, she told him there was no body but herself in the house and she would not leave it, that she expected the family home in a few minutes, and he might then have a glass of wine. All this time he kept walking and peeping about, peeping through the lock hole of the shop door, and asked if that was the shop, went into the parlour, unscrued the sash, asked if that was keeping it fast, played with the dog, enquired of his name, and asked several more questions, and then went away, saying it was no great matter for he knew Mr. Reid was gone to Scotland. Mr. Reid had a favourite house dog poisoned a few weeks before.