An Easy Spelling-Book for Children

This day is published, price 6d.

The Fourth Edition. With great useful Additions and Alterations, so that a Child may be taught to read English by this BOOK alone, being much better suited to their tender Capacities than any Treatise of the kind or price.


Beginning with Words of One Syllable and proceeding to those of Two, Three and more Syllables; with a familiar Dialogue between a Father and his Child. To which are added, Several Scripture Histories, and Select Fables, adorned with neat Cutts for the Entertainment of Children.

Nottingham: Printed by Samuel Cresswell, and sold by Mr. Trimmer, Roe and Fox, in Derby; Marten, Gregory and Ireland in Leicester; Monk in Mansfield; Ward in Sheffield; Wood in Lincoln; Streaton at Grantham and Sleaford; Maldock at Leek; Doubleday at Southwell; Thomson at Gainsborough; Parker at Louth; Hinxman, Stabler and Barstow, Wilson, Bell, Atkinson and Ethrington in York.