an audacious robbery

On Tuesday was held a General Meeting of the Gentleman subscribers to this COUNTY INFIRMARY, (Sir GEORGE ROBINSON, Bart. in the Chair) when we hear it was Resolved, that a Committee be immediately formed, to consider the most proper means to carry this Design into use, and prepare for the Reception of Patients with all possible Expedition.–The Gentlemen went down in a Body to visit the Building, which was highly approved, and gave general satisfaction, much to the honour of Mr. Wyatt the Projector, and Mr. Henderson who executed the Plan. We have also the further satisfaction of adding, that the utmost Unanimity appeared through the whole Meeting:—Animosities of all kinds forgot, and no strife but who should forward most so useful and beneficial a Work. From hence we may venture to congratulate the Public on the speedy prospect of seeing the hopes of the first Projectors answered; by very many distressed Objects partaking of the benefits—and Ages unborn bless the liberal Spirit of the Founders.
++The great Main of Cocks betwixt Derbyshire and Leicestershire, was determined in favour of the latter, by 1 battle.—This is the fourth great Main between the two counties.—The first was a drawn main.—The second won by Derbyshire by one battle.—The third by Leicestershire by two battles.—And the last by Leicestershire, by one battle.—It is not a little remarkable, that the success of every main except the 3rd, has depended upon the last single battle; so that out of 185 Cocks fought in the four Mains, the winner remains but three battles a-head.
++On saturday morning last, or in the night of friday, the following audacious robbery was committed. A woman who called herself Eleanor Clarke, and who for four months past had workt journey-woman with Mrs. Ross, Mantua-maker in Belgrave-gate in this town, found means to rob her Mistress of the following Articles, with which she got clear off, walked about three miles across the Fields to Odeby, where she took a place in the Manchester Fly and went to London that very night. One piece of pink ducape silk. One ditto crimson and green. One barcelona handkerchief unhemmed. One shirt and 3 sleeves. One red cardinal trimmed with fur. Three large silver table spoons. Two small ditto. One silver salt. Seven yards of printed linnen, blue and yellow. A cotton gown made up, garnet and green. A sprigged muslin apron. A pocket handkerchief. A pair of Shoes. A parcel of black silk cut into hatbands. A pair of silver buckles and several other things.—She was pursued to London, as soon as it could certainly be made out the road she had taken, and has since been advertised by Sir John Fielding, but hitherto without effect. Several of the above articles it appears had been carried off some days before she went away, and pawned in different places; a bundle has likewise been found at the Swan and Two Necks in Lad-lane, London. She is a middle-aged woman about 30, rather lusty, fair complexion, her hair turned over in a roll; is supposed to be drest in a black silk and stuff gown, and a [illegible] cardinal.
++On Thursday last one William Billings of Barrow upon Soar, Framework-knitter, was committed to our County Gaol by William Tilly, Gent. Coroner, charged by the Coroner’s Inquest with Manslaughter in feloniously killing Thomas Lewin of Mountsorrel in this County.—It appeared that Billings and the deceased had some little difference at Mountsorrel Fair on Tuesday Night, and made a match to fight for Two Shillings the next morning in Quorndon Meadow; and that when they met there, Billings was for declining the battle and offering to draw stakes, but the deceased refused, upon which they set to fighting when the deceased received a blow upon the left Temple which dropt him and he died immediately.