Advice to New-Married Persons

This Day is Published
(Price Two-Shillings neatly bound in Twelves)

Advice to New-Married Persons,
Or the way of having beautiful Children. In four Books. To which is added, The way of bringing up Children.

Whene’er in Times to come it shall betide,
That the kind bridegroom would instruct his bride;
My Verse shall by the skillful Youth be read,
To the dear Partner of his nuptial Bed;
Beauty, their numerous progeny shall crown,
And no deformed unsightly Births be known.
Most Parents wishes in one channel run,
Most think they are not blest without a Son;
Let such attentive my prescriptions read,
They teach to propagate the manly deed.

Printed for R. Goadby at Sherborne, and Sold by R. Baldwin in Paternoster-Row; W. Owen near Temple-Bar, London; and may be had of all Booksellers and News-Carriers in Town or Country.

It may be proper to observe, that nothing immodest or indecent is intended in this Work. It was wrote by a Person of great Learning and calculated to be of real use to them to whom it is appropriated.