Accidental Deaths

Last week the following melancholy accident happened at Loughbro’ in Leicestershire. Two young Men, Peck and Smith, together with an elderly Man, called Bamburgh, went down to the river Soar on thursday evening last, about 7 o’clock, to bathe; the young men were seen by some Haymakers, to strip and go in first, but not coming up again for some time, Bamburgh jumped in with his Cloaths on to assist them, but (as is supposed) they caught hold of his Cloathes to save themselves, and he not being able to pull them up, they all three perished together. The Cloathes of Smith and Peck, were seen by several Persons on Friday, together with a jug of Ale, which they had carried to the water side with them, but no notice was taken of ’em till friday evening, when the young men being missed, and enquiry being made after them, several persons went down to search, and in a little time with a drag, pulled out the old Man first, and then the other two. They were brought to Loughbro’ about three o’Clock on saturday Morning in a Cart, and carried to their respective Houses. On sunday the Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the Bodies, and brought in their virdict, Accidental Death. The same Evening they were all three buried in one Grave, in Loughbro’ Church-Yard; some thousands of people attended the solemn procession, from the Market place to the Church, which was so affecting that scarce a dry Eye was to be seen on the occasion. Bamburgh has left a Wife and seven Children. One Lowe, who came to the Funeral in perfect Health, went home and died immediately.
++Last week Samuel Cotton of Sibson near Market-Bosworth was drowned as he was bathing in a pit of water in the said Liberty. Two men went to his assistance but could not save him. — The Coroner’s inquest sat on the body and brought in their virdict Accidental Death.
++Last week as a boy about 12 years old, only son of Mr. William Coleman of Grindon near Atherstone, was riding his father’s horse near Merrival, his hat blew off, by which the horse took fright and threw the deceased, and one of his feet hanging in the stirrup, the horse dragged him a considerable way, and so bruised him that he died in a few hours afterwards. — The Coroner’s Inquest brought in their virdict Accidental Death.
++Yesterday a boy about 9 years old was accidentally killed by a Waggon running over him at Great-Glen. — The Coroner’s jury sat upon the body and brought in their virdict Accidental Death.