a young man who lived in Belgrave-gate

On Monday last, one Edward Cooper, a young man who lived in Belgrave-gate in this town, returning from shooting, and laying the gun upon a dresser in the cellar, on the half cock and with the muzzle towards him, by some accident it went off and shot him in the breast, of which he died. The Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the body and brought in their verdict Accidental.
++On Monday last about 2 in the afternoon, one Mr. Tiers, a farmer, was stopt by two foot pads, in Thurnby-lane, about 3 miles from this town, who robbed him of near 20l. and then made off across the fields for Evington. One of ’em struck him on the head with a knife and cut his hat, whilst the other held a knife to his breast.
++The same evening, 2 persons attempted to rob a person on horseback, between Quarndon and Loughbro’, one of ’em endeavoured to seize his horse by the bridle, but upon his clapping spurs to him, he got off, when another man jumping from the hedge fired a pistol at him, the ball of which went through his hat.