a violent hurricane

On Monday last was held at the Three Crowns Inn, the annual Venison Feast in commemoration of the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The dinner provided on this occasion was very elegant, and upwards of 350 persons dined together.
++Tuesday was married at Birstall, the Rev. Mr. Langford, to Miss Oliver.
++We hear from Nottingham that on Sunday last, at about four o’Clock in the afternoon, John Hill, apprentice to Mr. Scattergood, Framework-knitter, in the New-buildings, was unfortunately drowned as he was bathing in the River Trent, a little above the bridge.—’Tis to be hoped this poor boy’s fate will be a warning to all others, not to profane the Lord’s day, by their non-attendance upon public worship.
++By the violent hurricane which happened about 6 o’clock last Sunday afternoon, a great mischief was done in the villages of Raesby, Rotherby and others adjacent. In Raesby, a new-built brick barn (belonging to the Rev. Mr. Orton) and two others were blown down, and two large trees were torn up by the roots, one whereof, in the fall, killed a cow. In Rotherby so great was the agitation, which the hurricane occasioned, that the china was thrown off the table as a gentleman and his family were at tea.