a threatning and incendiary letter

Whereas it appears to this Hall by Mr. Mayor, That a certain anonymous threatning and incendiary letter was last night between eight and nine of the Clock found dropped in the Market-place in this Borough near the house of Mr. Alderman Joseph Chambers one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the same Borough containing the following Letters and figures, to wit:

++To Mr. Joseph Chambers, Esq. Cornwall, Leicester.
Mr Chambers Sir,
++I desire you will sho this to the mare and consider before it is too late for by G-d if he does not leve ofe his D-m-e Rogish proscedings as provisions may be cheaper by G-d well have Blood by night or Day for we can proove he has been in the County latly and Bote Wheat at 4s 6d per Bushill and had it brote to Markit and gave 7s 6d per do under a Coler to deceve the pore people a cording to his old Rogish Custom and is to sending pore peeple to Gaol as you do you had more need see and alter the price of bread for you no it is 2d per pound and that is more than can be afordit to be gave by the pore. Conside whether the a Bove is not fore staling D-m-e Roges and if you all dont take warning by the a Bove lines By G-d we will fire your house and the mayers and espeshely fishers mills you prtend to frite peeple but you are Da-m-y Deseved for we may as well be hanged as pinde you pak of D-mnation Roges.

++Now it is resolved and ordered by the Hall that Mr. Mayor do immediately offer a reward of Fifty pounds to any person or persons who shall discover the person or persons who wrote the said letter or who dropped the same to be paid on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders by the Chamberlains of the Borough out of the Town Stock and to be allowed the said Chamberlains in their Accounts.

[From the Hall Books]