a terrible fire

We hear from Loughbro’ in this county that yesterday about 11 o’clock, a terrible fire broke out in that town which burnt with great fury for several hours, and entirely consumed 15 dwelling houses, the wind blowing very violent, the whole town was in the utmost danger of being consumed; the fire was not got under till 3 in the afternoon. It is said to have began at the house of a poor woman who had gone into the Market to buy something, and had left in her house a wood fire and two children, who ’tis supposed in playing pulled the fire out and occasioned this unfortunate accident.
++The following prisoners will take their trial at our ensuing assize, which begins on thursday next, William Gill, otherwise Bass, otherwise Barber, otherwise Taylor, condemned the last assize and reprieved, remains in custody. William Mason charged with threatening to set fire to his own house etc. – Thomas Castledine and Elizabeth his wife, removed by Habeas from Northampton, and charged with murdering and robbing one Brown, Pedlar. John Young for Horse stealing. Samuel Moore for being accessary to the death of Mary Boultbee. Anthony Grundy for stealing some Tow, and Mary Bennet for receiving stolen goods.