A Song

Written by JAMES WHITELY Comedian, Intended to be sung at his approaching Benefit.

++++In London one Day
++++I heard VERITAS say,
The Virtues were in the Park walking,
++++When Truth undismayed
++++For he’s seldom afraid,
Listened to them for loud they were talking.
++++They said, for a Ride,
++++From that Place of Pride,
They’s take with them Momus the Jester,
++++And quickly go down,
++++(As they’re weary of Town)
And reside at the borough of Leicester.

++++Compassion most fair,
++++With her angelic Air,
Meek-eyed as the Rosey Aurora,
++++Said, pray let us go,
++++From thence wipe away Woe,
And bloom like the sweet-scented Flora:
++++For my part, I there,
++++Will quickly repair,
She came – without Man to molest her,
++++Then set up her Seat,
++++With the Good and the Great,
And shines away here now at Leicester.

++++Next the Heav’n-born Maid,
++++(In white Robes arrayed)
Cherubim Charity, smiling,
++++Said she would go too,
++++And with a Bon Gou’
Was Poverty-meagre beguiling.
++++She rode ninety-nine Miles,
++++By our new-measured Stiles,
From London where most folks caressed her,
++++And at the Coal Hill,
++++With a hearty good Will,
They welcomed the lady to Leicester.

++++Benevolence gay,
++++Bright and buxom as May,
Said here’s Store of Plenty and Pleasure,
++++For Beef, Butter and Cheese,
++++Beans, Mutton and Peas,
They have in this County past measure,
++++And with good Ale and Beer,
++++Strong, wholesome and clear,
And may Poverty never infest her!
++++Amen, says all three,
++++Let us settle here free,
And live in Conjunction at Leicester.

++++Now Adieu to each Friend,
++++That these Stanzas attend,
Who nobly encourage the Actors,
++++By each Mortal repaid,
++++By reversal of Trade,
With success to our kind Benefactors,
++++Smiling Freedom may come,
++++Now without beat of Drum,
And here with sweet Liberty rest her,
++++For the secret’s revealed,
++++That the Stamp-Act’s repealed,
And Commerce shall flourish at Leicester.