a single highwayman well mounted

On Tuesday last died Mrs. Orme, Widow of the late Mr. Thomas Orme, Apothecary.
++On Tuesday se’ennight, a single highwayman well mounted, about six o’clock in the evening, stopt a chaise in Belgrave-lane, near this town. in which was Mr. Bagshaw, a Derbyshire gentleman, robbed him of about 6l. and then rode off. ’Tis said Mr. Bagshaw had a considerable charge of money about him, which he found means to conceal.
++Last week was committed to the gaol of this borough, by John Fisher, Esq; Mayor, Mary Kennedy, alias Mary Butcher, charged with stealing Thirty Pounds in cash, the property of the Landlord of the Horse and Trumpet in this Town, where she was a lodger.