a single foot pad

On Monday evening last Mr. Hemsley of Keyworth near Nottingham, was stopt on the King’s highway, in Coats-lane near Loughbro’, by a single foot pad, who jumped from under the hedge, seized the horse by the bridle, and presenting a pistol to his breast demanded his money, and upon his not immediately complying, he pulled him from his horse and rifled his pockets, out of which he took a guinea in gold and 3s. in silver, and then made off across the fields for Loughbro’. Mr. Hemsley, in riding about 100 yards from the place where he was robbed, met two travellers on horse-back, to whom he related the robbery, and turned back with ’em to Loughbro’, where procuring a constable he searched the public houses, and found him at supper at one of ’em, charged him with the robbery, and took him before Mr. Pochin, who committed him to our county gaol. His name is Philip Bates, some time ago a waggoner, and is said to have drove the Melton stage.
++We hear that Charles Ludlum who was robbed on the King’s highway by William Grice (now in the gaol for this borough, as mention in our last) is dead of the wounds he then received. The above Grice, not content with robbing the young lad, had shockingly abused him, by twisting his neck, and otherwise wounding him in different parts of the body, leaving him for dead amongst some gors on Whetstone-heath; and in which condition he was found. Grice worked journey-work with the young lad’s master at Countesthorpe, and knew of his receiving a watch and half a guinea in money, and is supposed to have intended the murder from the first, to prevent discovery.