a Set of Grand Fire-Works

The celebrated ITALIAN ARTIST who has given very superior Specimens of his Abilities in several parts of the Kingdom, and some tittle of the same on Monday Evening last in this Town, Hereby gives Notice, That on Tuesday Evening next the 28th instant (if Weather permit) about half an hour after six in the Evening, in the Market-Place, he intends to exhibit a Set of

Such as were never seen before in this Town:

Consisting of Rockets full of Crackers, Stars, Snakes, Serpents, &c. &c. Oriental Stars &c. with many other curious Devices, too many to mention. Among which will be a Palm Tree full of Roses and a Cascade as of Water, also Wheels and Globes of Water, all Fire, with a great variety of Illuminations.
++As this undertaking requires much Labour and Expence, the Artist hopes for Encouragement equally generous from the Gentry and other Persons of Suitable Ability.
++And he likewise hopes the Owners of Houses in the Market-place, wishing their Friends to behold the Exhibition from their Windows, will be kind enough to collect for his Benefit.
++He lodges at Mr. Carts at the Bull-Head in the Market-place where he sells all sorts of Fire-Works and receives the subscriptions of all who please to favour him with Encouragement.