a remarkable case of bastardy

On Wednesday at the general quarter-sessions of the peace for the county, a remarkable case of bastardy came before the court; a young woman born deaf and dumb, had been got with child by a young fellow in the neighbourhood, and who refused to acknowledge himself the lawful father, on a presumption that it could not be proved. In the course of her examination which was taken by signs and by help of her mother, who acted as interpreter, the fact was plainly made appear to the entire satisfaction of the court, who deemed the man the lawful father, and obliged him to give proper security.
++On Saturday about two in the afternoon, Matthew Bott for forgery and John Townsend for housebreaking (as mentioned in our last) were executed pursuant to their sentence, and behaved with a decency becoming to their unhappy fate. Bott left behind him a confession in which he accounts for the fact for which he suffered, and in which he charges a neighbour of his with being the principal adviser and contriver of the forgery, that had brought him to his shameful end.
++Townsend refused to make any confession, and of the fact for which he died, persisted in his innocence. On the morning of execution, being asked by the worthy Clergyman who attended him, if he would acknowledge his guilt of the crime, declared in the most solemn manner, that he knew nothing of it, that in a few hours he hoped to see the face of God, who alone knew his innocence. The question was again repeated at the place of execution, and in the same manner denied. His behaviour was decent, yet manly and resolute, such as could not have been expected from a person of low education.
++Last week as one Edward Lacy, of Barrow-upon-Soar, was riding upon the fore part of a cart on the turnpike road between Mountsorrel and Quorndon, he jumped off to speak to a man that was going along the road, and his frock unfortunately catching at some part of the cart, he fell before the near wheel, which slid him along, and so bruised him that he died soon after. The Coroners inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++Last week some boys who were at play upon the turn-pike road near Markfield, in this county, having agreed to move a waggon which stood in the road, down the hill, after they had set it agoing, it went so fast that they could not stop it, by which one of the boys who was pulling on the shafts was thrown down, and the near wheel behind of the waggon, ran over him and killed him. The Coroners inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.