a remarkable accident

At the Annual Feast of the Society for the support of travelling Woolcombers, held on St. Stephen’s Day, at the Sign of the King of Prussia in this Town, 159 Members dined together on the occasion, upon excellent Roast Beef and Plumb-Pudding. For the delicate Stomachs there were 23 couple of Fowls provided.—The whole was conducted with great decorum, unanimity and order.
++On Tuesday se’nnight a remarkable accident happened at Kegworth-Bridge in this County:—A person leading a Mare over the bridge, part of it gave way, and the Mare fell into the Water, but was got out without any hurt. On the same evening one Richard Long, Bricklayer, of Sutton, was returning home over the same bridge, (and the road now not being above a foot and half wide) notwithstanding he had a guide with a lanthorn, he fell from the top into the water, and was carried away by the rapidity of the stream, under the Arch, and quite across the Bridge-Pool, and thrown upon a bed of sand at a great distance. And what is more remarkable, a person, with the assistance of a large tub, sailed over to him, and took him up with very little hurt.—It is high time the Gentlemen of the County, or to whom the bridge belongs, do inspect into it, and for the use of the public, have it repaired, that we have no more of these fatal consequences.
++We are assured that some unknown and kind Benefactor on Saturday night last sent a large quantity of Beef to the poor Prisoners in our County Gaol, which afforded them a most seasonable and happy Relief, in this inclement Season.—The generous Giver it is not doubted, but will accept this Acknowledgement in lieu of the Thanks of these unfortunate and unhappy People, which could not be Inserted (as they Intended) without being charged the Duty.