a pig-drover, a woolcomber and a labouring man

On sunday morning last, was found drowned in the river near Belgrave, William Robbons, a pig-drover, of Dunton in this county: he had been to Mountsorrel to see his sister, and on saturday last came back to Leicester, in his way home, where staying late and being in liquor, ’tis supposed he mistook his road and went back for Mountsorrel. There was found in his pockets two shillings and some half-pence. On monday the coroner’s inquest brought in their verdict, Accidental.
++Last week was committed to the Town Gaol of this Borough, one William Mason, Woolcomber, charged with threatening and attempting to set fire to his own house, with an intent to destroy his mother, wife, and children.
++We hear from Thrinkstone in this county, that on tuesday last as a labouring man was seeing a well, upwards of 20 yards deep, the side gave way and it fell in, which happened about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Several colliers were immediately employed to clear away the rubbish, which they did not effectually perform till about two o’clock in the morning, when to their great surprize they found the man alive, and notwithstanding his bruises was able to walk as soon as taken out.