A Parody on the Caution

Addressed to C. A., Author of the Caution
[inserted in this Paper of the 4th instant]
By an Old Friend:

Bethink thee, gloomy CHARLES in time,
++The present Hour enjoy.
Nor idly sportless waste your Prime,
++Nor check one rising Joy.

Let Beauties gay allurements please,
++Nor guard your Heart from snare,
For thought her Sweets may bring Disease,
++You’ll want a Doctor’s care.

Still let the jovial Charms of Wine,
++Your Soul’s delight enhance,
Till all the Tapers DOUBLY shine,
++And flooring seems to dance.

Let Pleasure’s footsteps guide your way,
++And where she leads pursue,
Though VENUS slippery Tricks should Play,
++Still *HERMES is in view.

Of Her possessed, in her you’ll find,
++Raptures of highest taste,
While He in each complaint unkind,
++To heal will always haste.

* Mercury