A Never failing Ointment

A Never failing OINTMENT for the ITCH.

This Ointment having no Mercury in its Preparation, may be applied to a sucking Child without the least danger. It is not only safe but efficacious. for it Cures the most inveterate ITCH in three Days if used according to the Directions given therewith. The Receipt for preparation of this noble Remedy for that filthy Disorder was communicated by an eminent Physician in London some Years ago, since which this Ointment has cured Hundreds and was never known once to fail. It is now made Public for the benefit of Mankind in general, and appointed to be sold, Wholesale or Retail, by T. LUCKMAN, in Coventry, at only 1s. the Box, which contains more than is usually sold at 1s. 6d. and is quite sufficient to Cure a grown Person. To prevent Counterfeits, be pleased to observe, that these Words are on the top of each Box. Never failing Ointment for the ITCH, sold by T. Luckman in Coventry price 1s. the Box.
++The above Ointment is appointed to be sold by the Printer of this Paper and the Men who distribute the same.
++The above mentioned Remedy has cured within this Month past, many Families of the above filthy Disorder, in the Counties of Leicester and Warwick, when all other medicines had failed, in the short space of two or three Days after dressing.