a Murder has been committed

Whereas a Murder has been committed in this Borough of Leicester, this 29th day of January, 1761, and there being great reason to believe that the said Murder was committed by a Man and a Woman who answer the following description:—That is to say, The Man a tall pale faced Man about 24 Years of Age, wears an old dark grey Coat, with a flowered Waistcoat, old Leather Breeches, light Stockings, with a new Hat and short black Wig: The Woman about 20 Years of Age, wears a light coloured Stuffed Tammy Gown, cross barred, an old Scarlet Cardinal, a blue and white spotted Handkerchief, a Black Satin Hat and a small Bundle tied up in a blue and white Handkerchief.
++These are therefore to require all Justices of the Peace, Magistrates, Constables, Headboroughs and other Officers, to be very vigilant in causing to be apprehended any suspected Persons answering the above description.