a most melancholly accident

Tuesday morning died at his house in this town, Mr. Henry Wood, an eminent hosier, aged 61 years: He had acquired a very considerable Fortune with great Industry and equal Reputation—If his Character be considered as a Man, a Husband or a Parent, it was in every view worthy of Imitation.—He has left a wife and numerous Family to lament his loss, with the advantage however, of an excellent pattern to copy; and the pleasing reflection, that he was so much the Friend of Mankind, that he is not thought to have left behind him one Enemy.
++On thursday morning a most melancholly accident happened at Burton-upon-Trent; Mr. Thomas Roe, son of Mrs. Roe of Burton aforesaid, who with two servants of his own, and four other persons, in attempting to sail in an open boat to a close where he had some Sheep, which he was apprehensive would be drowned by the sudden rise of the river, were carried away by the rapidity of the stream, and driven against one of the piers of Burton-bridge, which overset the boat, and all of them unfortunately perished, in the sight of a great number of people who could not give the least assistance. It was thought Mr. Roe would have been able to have saved himself by swimming to shore, but was prevented by one of his drowning companions seizing him by the leg. [A traveller who was coming over the bridge, became an eye witness to the above dismal scene, and gave this Account.]