a most extraordinary threatening Letter

The following most extraordinary threatening Letter was yesterday, the 5th instant, between the hour of 7 and 8 in the morning, found in the Court Yard before the Dwelling House of Cosmas Nevil, Esq; of Holt in the County of Leicester.

to Mr Navil.
“We are Bold to let you know that you mr Navel shall put the sum of a 100 guineas in a purs and lay it in Brodhom in Blaston Lordship at the old way post in a hole Cover’d with a Ston Clos to the side of the post this is to be don on Thursday the 5 even by Six o‘Cloc in the afternoon or else we will Burn your hous and all Belonging there to or kill your bodey for ther is sixteen of us a Valant Crue indeed and if you set oney Watch over the Muney when Laid I would have them think to kill or be killed for we will watch for you night and Day to kill or to Burn you or your hous But to be Sort and Plan with you if you make oney talk of it we will Despach you at aney opertunity But you may be Damned if you Do not Carry the Muney we will Butcher you mr Navel you will be hunting So that we will give you a Hy Shock with Sword or a pistol.”

These are to inform the Public, that whoever will give Notice to the said Cosmas Nevil, Esq; of the Offender or Offenders, so that he, she, or they, may be Convicted of Writing or leaving the said threatening Letter, shall receive, upon each Conviction, FIFTY GUINEAS, to be paid by Me,
++Cosmas Nevil
++Holt, near Market-Harborough,
++Leicestershire, April 6, 1770.