a melancholy accident

On Thursday last a melancholy accident happened at the house of Mr. White, a farmer, in Barkby, in this county; who a few days ago came home from shooting and left his gun charged in the chimney corner in the house, the servant girl on Thursday was left in the house by herself, and it is supposed that endeavouring to reach something out of the chimney, she by some means moved the gun which accidentally went off, and wounded her in the right breast, after which she ran into the yard and dropt down dead. Just before this misfortune happened, a little boy of the town came in for some cream, which the girl gave him, and he went directly out of the house with it, but stopping a minute or two at the yard door, he heard a gun go off, and immediately afterwards the girl came running by him, with her handkerchief round her neck on fire, and ran into the yard and dropt down by the pump. Yesterday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict, accidental death.
++On monday last was baptized in London, the new born son and heir of the Right Honourable Lord Grey, (eldest son of the Earl of Stamford) by the name of George Harry; upon this occasion the Earl of Stamford gave a great entertainment at his seat at Steward Hayes, in this county. — He also ordered a large bonfire to be erected upon OLD JOHN, a very high eminence in Bradgate Park: there were piled up for the fire eleven waggon load of hard wood, four and twenty score of wood kids, four score and ten goss kids, near 5 tons of coal, besides a great number of barrels of pitch and other combustible matter; his Lordship was pleased to order twelve hogsheads of ale to be given to the populace &c. &c.
++John Coleman, a taylor, of Newtown, was unfortunately killed by the falling of a large tree out of the fire. On Wednesday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++On Saturday last between five and six in the evening, several Persons were stopt and robbed between Brooksby and Frisby on the Melton road; the first person they attempted to stop had behind him the daughter of Mr. Wartnaby of Melton, returning from school; the man not immediately stopping, one of the villains fired a pistol at him, the little girl dropt from behind, and the man rode off; they went to the child, said they wanted her money, but upon her begging they would not hurt her, assuring them she had none, and ’tis said, offering them some Queen cakes, they behaved civilly to her, lifted her out of the dirt and set her on the Grass. The next person that came by, they stopt and robbed of 6s. 6d. And afterwards, the servant of Mr. Haines, a grazier, from whom they took about 9l. 10s. 0d., and his horse, which has since been found turned up.
++Mr. Haine’s servant was so kind as to take the little girl under his care, and conduct her safely to Frisby.