a match for a considerable wager

On Monday last died at an advanced age, Mr. Norrice Cradock, of Markfield, in this county.
++Thursday last died Mrs. Lambord, widow to the late Mr. Lambord.
++We hear that Grice, now under sentence of death in our county gaol for robbing and abusing a boy, as mentioned in our last, has obtained a reprieve for three weeks.
++On Monday last a match was run for a considerable wager, one mile on the turnpike road leading from hence to London, between captain Hewet’s famous well-known gelding, Boxer, and Mr. Spencer’s brown mare Trimbush; they started exactly at ten, at the 3 Cranes corner, and ran to the Turnpike; the captain rode himself against Mr. Spencer’s own groom, and shewed great horsemanship: Boxer ran the ground every yard at full speed, and notwithstanding Trimbush was a considerable outmatch in size, and rode with great judgement by Mr. Spencer’s groom, by the mere dint of blood and jockeyship, Boxer won by several lengths, against the opinion of the Knowing Ones, who were all taken in.
++On Wednesday last one John Bailey, a labouring man, was found drowned in a brook in the parish of Hatherne in this county; the poor man was subject to fits, and is supposed to have fallen in a fit as he was walking by the brook side; and on Thursday the Coroner’s inquest sat upon the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.