a Mad Dog

We learn from Birstall in this neighbourhood, that the Cattle bit by the Mad-Dog, as mentioned in this Paper Oct. 24, are now falling of the Disorder: One Cow went quite mad on Sunday, belonging to Joseph King, and on Tuesday morning another Cow belonging to John Wright is fallen; God only knows where this Calamity may end. Wright is a poor man, keeps four Cows; the Dog went through his Close, and was seen to bite one of ’em but not this, therefore he expects the others to fall, which is feared will be his ruin. King’s Cow is a favourite one (as was the Dog, that did the mischief) and therefore they will not let her be killed, until they have tried if they can recover her notwithstanding she is now confined in a Stable and raging mad. Even so bad that nobody dare go near her. Mr. Mayor upon receiving the above Information, Ordered, that all the Dogs in this Borough should be tyed up the space of two months. And proper Persons are appointed to destroy any that shall be found in the streets.
++Last week a person of Newtown was committed to the gaol of this county, by the Rev. G. Coulton Clerk, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for this county, charged with stealing a quantity of Rabbits out of Bradgate-Park, the property of the Right Hon. the Earl of Stamford.