a grand entertainment

On Monday last Joseph Chambers Esq; Mayor of this borough for the present year, gave a grand entertainment, pursuant to annual custom: About eleven o’clock, the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council, met at the Town-hall, and from thence proceeded in procession to St. Martin’s church where an excellent sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. Haines.
++As soon as divine service ended they returned to the Town-hall in the same order. Near 200 gentlemen did Mr. Mayor the honour to dine with him, amongst whom was the right honourable Lord Wentworth, the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Noel, Sir John Palmer, bart; Anthony James Kecke Esq; James Winstanley Esq; Edward Farnham Esq; Nathan Wright Esq; Thomas Boothby jun. Esq; and many others. The dinner was extremely elegant, and was served up in two courses of ninety dishes each. There were great plenty of Venison, Pheasants, Woodcocks and all kinds of Game, with every other rarity the season and country could produce. The whole was conducted with great order and regularity, and the company did not break up till near one in the morning. — The dinner was dressed by Mr. Springthorpe of Exon, and gave great satisfaction.
++We hear from Staunton-Herold in this county, that on Wednesday last, as _____ Tryant, Esq. (being on a visit at the Right Hon. the Earl of Ferrer’s) and taking the diversion of shooting, had the misfortune to have one of his eyes beat out, and was otherwise much hurt by the bursting of his gun.