A good accustomed Public-House

To be SOLD
and Entered upon Immediately

A good accustomed Public-House, situate in the Parish of St. Nicholas in the Borough of Leicester, known by the name of Vauxhall, pleasantly situated upon the river Soar, which runs all the way along the Garden side; together with a large Garden, filled up for a Pleasure-Garden, the walks all planted and in full perfection, a Bowling-Green in the middle, Boxes, Musick Gallery, Baths for Gentlemen and Ladies, and all other Conveniences for Pleasure and Amusement; with sufficient room for still greater Improvements, lately occupied by Mr. Michael Cooke, deceased.
++Enquire of Mr. W. Cooke, near St. Margaret’s church, Leicester.
N.B. All the Household Goods, Brewing Vessels, and other Utensils will be Sold standing at a fair Appraisement.