a distressed widow

At a Time when the Dearness of the Necessaries of Life renders it frequently difficult, even for Health and Industry, to obtain a Subsistence, it is humbly hoped the Tender, and the Humane, who are blessed with Power, will be induced to compassionate the truly pitiable and distressed Situation of the Widdow of a Clergyman in this Town, whose Husband had been sometime dead, who while reduced to the lowest Circumstances, has been at the same time so much afflicted with Sickness, that Death must have been the inevitable Consequence of both, but for the Charitable Support of a few Neighbours.—She has, besides the additional burden of two Children, and has now a Lodging to seek, without the present Ability to procure one.—It is hoped that it will be sufficient to strike the Feeling Heart, to say, that this detail, melancholy as it is, is neither strained or exaggerated.
++The smallest Donations left with the Printer hereof, will be gratefully accepted by her, who hopes that her benefactors may experience, in the strongest possible degree, the pleasure, always in some measure inseparable, from the consciousness of a good Action.
++Mr. Gregory will refer any Enquirers to Persons of unquestionable Character for the Truth of the above.